07 Dec

What every biker needs…

Those that know us know we do not fit the typical biker (bikie?) mould.  Yes we ride Harley’s but we’re far from bikies.  1%’ers we’re not.

Steve asked me to put together a pouch for his goggles and bubble shield – we’ll leave the conversation about the fact he has them for another day 😛

Resigned to the fact I have ‘misplaced’ my sewing machine accessory kit in one of the last three moves I’m stuck with using the basic clear presser foot.  That means no zippers, no piping or fancy stuff to practice. Ah well, basic drawstring pouches it is.

Going through the various fabric stashes, Steve was delighted when I found some monkey fabric left over from a pair of pyjama pants I made about 15 years ago.  Perfect! As much as I love to shop for new fabric and yarn it’s great to use up small bits of fabric – it makes room for new fabric 😀

Check these pics to see how it all turned out.


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