19 Apr

Bantam Eggs… What’s not to love?

Our lovely ladies have been giving us eggs for a couple of weeks now since getting them a few months ago.  I’ve not had bantam chooks before, so it’s taking a little bit of getting used to, but these ladies really get me smiling.  3 Belgian D’Uccles, fluffy feet, tiny little bodies and they love a bum scratch!! Read More

08 Dec

New Additions to the Family… Ducklings and a Goose!

It’s day three and all four ducklings are doing well and appear strong. We’re all delighted to have been blessed with a 50% success rate with the crests. We’ve currently got them set up in a plastic storage crate with a 60W ceramic heat lamp suspended thru a cut-out in the lid. This seems to be maintaining a good temperature of around 30-35 degrees which they seem happy with. Probably won’t be long until we’ll need to look into a more spacious abode for them. Read More

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