26 Oct

Greenhouse Up

The wind was certainly against us today as we vainly tried to put together our new greenhouse that we picked up off CatchOfTheDay last week.
We attempted to cram so much into Saturday… I’d already completed a fun run, Run Y’Ass Off  and we had the volunteer thank you dinner for the Murrumbateman Field Days volunteers that night.  Somewhere in between we decided we could throw up the greenhouse!The instructions advise it would take half a day with two people; I guess we should have been taken a little bit more seriously – especially given that Mother Nature was doing her best to blow us out of town. We should have known better.  In 2003 we put up a 6×9 shed in Toowoomba and the day we attempted to sheet the roof it was crazy windy … amazing how much stronger the wind feels when you pick up a sheet of corrugated iron!!!  So funny yet scary at the same time – especially when you’re balancing on a roof truss several meters off the ground.  We laugh in the face of WHS!

Wind gusts on Saturday afternoon. When I look at the numbers it doesn’t really compare to how strong the wind felt… Anyway – we didn’t quite get it finished before we had to go clean up for dinner, but we certainly got it to a point where we could leave it overnight and know it would still be there in the morning.  Just the roof panels were left to install and the window opener. On Sunday we finished it off and went and bought some pots to get things started.  Iv’e planted some chillies, capsicums, tomatoes and a little bit of colour in between with Impatiens and Nasturtiums. Now that it’s all up I’m really happy with the stability of the structure.  Hard to believe that something so thin (the polycarbonite panels) can be so strong once installed.  The true test will be on the next seriously windy day – I’ll let you know how I go 😀

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