Enchanted Garden : Crochet Wet Blocking

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve updated you on my progress of the Enchanted Garden – the good news is I’ve finished the panel! /cheer Related Images:


Sophie’s Universe Part 5

With the busy Christmas and New Year period it’s been hard to find time to do any crochet. Certainly for the past two weeks, at the end of the day when I would normally crochet for an hour or two whilst watching tele before bed I have been too tired from all the riding and […]


It’s Like a Lightbulb Just Turned On…

We’ve all seen one, and most of us who sew will no doubt have used one, I know I have, probably more times that I care to admit.  These little seam rippers are a god send when you need to unpick a lot of stitching.  


Happy 2016!

I am sitting here, on the first morning of 2016, contemplating the year ahead and sipping on a strong coffee I wonder what this year will bring.  2015 was a year of transition, a year of growth (in more ways than one!) and discovery. Related Images:


Virus Shawl Update

I thought I would post a quick update on my virus shawl before we head off on our Christmas road trip.  Last weekend we travelled down to Melbourne for a family wedding – a great opportunity to catch up on some crochet at this busy time of year. Related Images:


The start of an Enchanted Garden

Ever since I saw the Enchanted Garden bag I knew I had to make this pattern.  A combination of both the Crocodile Flower and Sophie’s Universe this pattern is just beautiful. Related Images:

What every biker needs…

Those that know us know we do not fit the typical biker (bikie?) mould.  Yes we ride Harley’s but we’re far from bikies.  1%’ers we’re not. Steve asked me to put together a pouch for his goggles and bubble shield – we’ll leave the conversation about the fact he has them for another day 😛

I think it’s contagious… The beginning of the Virus Shawl

Shortly after my first crochet session a few months ago I stumbled across the Virus Shawl.  The one I saw was done in beautiful yarn with a gradient that flowed through the entire skein… it was breathtaking! Related Images:

Rainbow Unicorn

So who doesn’t love unicorns? When I saw this little guy on the interwebs I just knew it was going to be my next project – how cute is she? Related Images:

The Universe is Getting Bigger!

It’s been nearly 8 weeks since I posted my first Sophie’s Universe.   Related Images:

My Journey to Sophie’s Universe

I am so excited to write this post, just as I am excited to embark on this crochet journey.  A couple of weeks ago I joined a couple of friends to learn how to crochet… I’ve now well and truly got the bug. Related Images:

Wholeweat Oat Pancakes

I’ve been busting to test out making flour with my Vitamix all week… by 0830 there was no way I was waiting any longer!  

A Vegan Way of Eating

So it’s been a long while since I made a post – even that feels like the understatement of the century.  

Wick Gardening: An Update, 6 Months Down the Track

You’ll remember back in July last year Jake and I set up our first wick garden for our strawberries – if you don’t, you can read about it here.  I thought I’d give a bit of an update on my thoughts, how it’s gone and what I would change for the next one.

Bantam Eggs… What’s not to love?

Our lovely ladies have been giving us eggs for a couple of weeks now since getting them a few months ago.  I’ve not had bantam chooks before, so it’s taking a little bit of getting used to, but these ladies really get me smiling.  3 Belgian D’Uccles, fluffy feet, tiny little bodies and they love […]

Never discount the value in being CDO…

People often laugh at me about how CDO I am… CDO is OCD in alphabetical order!


Slow-Cooked Sticky Asian Lamb

With the weather starting to cool down a little I figured it was time to pull out the trusty slow-cooker and start testing out some of the recipes I’ve been gather up over the summer months.  One I came across recently and have been eager to try is this Slow-Cooked Sticky Asian Lamb.

0 comments Makeover & Bloglovin Thoughts

I’ve started using Bloglovin to monitor the blogs I like to follow and find new ones that fall into the categories I enjoy reading about.  This in turn has inspired me to redesign my own site and have it work for me, instead of the other way around. I’ve come and gone from WordPress and […]


Tomato Time!

Tomato growing season is drawing to a close here at DemetersRest and I thought it was time to bottle up the many kilo’s of tom’s that are accumulating here.  Each day Jacob comes in with another armful to add to the mix… use it or lose it as they say!


Happy 2014!

Happy New Year! Well we finally made it in to our new home!  It’s funny, we finally got the keys and the next few weekends were spent away, staying in a motel / hotel or visiting family… all we wanted to do was be at home unpacking … no one has ever been recording as […]

Greenhouse Up

The wind was certainly against us today as we vainly tried to put together our new greenhouse that we picked up off CatchOfTheDay last week. We attempted to cram so much into Saturday… I’d already completed a fun run, Run Y’Ass Off  and we had the volunteer thank you dinner for the Murrumbateman Field Days volunteers […]

One Week and Counting

It’s now less than 1 week until we get handed the keys to our precious abode. It’s hard to believe we’ve been living in our shed for nearly 3 years now… 3 years next month! We had our preliminary walk-thru on Friday – the house is a blur of little blue bits of tape for […]

House Build Progress

The house build is coming along in leaps and bounds.! This week we have the painters and tilers on-site. It’s great seeing the start of the colour scheme come together.  We’re hopeful the kitchen guys will begin installation next week once the painters have finished. I had Ben and his Dad over today to finish off […]


Wick Gardening

It’s been a couple of weeks now since Jake and I started our first wicking bed out of an old bath tub.  I’ve read about it quite a lot – a very efficient means of keeping your plants well watered.  The strawberries and chamomile are doing very well, to the point we’re going to have […]

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Welcome Stanley!

Stanley has recently joined us here at DemetersRest. Hailing from lovely central Victoria, he’s settled in well and is already showing the typical Boxer ‘enthusiasm for life’!


The Building Begins

The building of the house has finally begun! After several years and many changes we’re finally kicking off. It almost feels a little bit surreal…


Yummy Honey In My Tummy!

I’m going to let the pictures speak for themselves… Surprisingly enough I achieved a successful harvest with no stings.  Unfortunately the same could not be said for Steve.

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Router Table : Part 2

So I have decided to add in a piece of 6mm masonite between the aluminium plate and the table ledge to avoid wear on the particle board. Using my original MDF template and pattern bit I removed a further 6mm from the insert and used a copying ring to make a ‘frame’ out of 6mm masonite […]

Router Table : Part 1

Work on the router table has progressed well – slowly but surely.  I started out with a couple of old laminated desk tops (pardon the mess!). These table tops are going to work pretty well and are almost the perfect size – 750 x 1500. I’ll trim off the edges, square them up then laminate the […]

New Property Sign

Today we finally got the design proof for the property sign we ordered @ the Murrumbateman Field Day in October last year.  It’s great to see our vision all drawn up and ready for production.

OMG Systainers!

Christmas has come early this year at DemetersRest and I have a nice little pile of Festool Systainers sitting in my shed… 4 to be exact.


New Additions to the Family… Ducklings and a Goose!

It’s day three and all four ducklings are doing well and appear strong. We’re all delighted to have been blessed with a 50% success rate with the crests. We’ve currently got them set up in a plastic storage crate with a 60W ceramic heat lamp suspended thru a cut-out in the lid. This seems to […]


Broody Wyandottes

Well the ladies are as determined as ever to hatch their eggs! I don’t quite have the heart to tell them it will be a long old wait since there is no rooster!!