04 Jan

Sophie’s Universe Part 5

With the busy Christmas and New Year period it’s been hard to find time to do any crochet. Certainly for the past two weeks, at the end of the day when I would normally crochet for an hour or two whilst watching tele before bed I have been too tired from all the riding and ABC’ing!

It was good to pick up Sophie yesterday and complete part 6.  Over this part I have been increasing the amount of cream as this will be the primary base for the remainder of the blanket – probably accounting for about 30-40% of the content.  I am really enjoying the colour palette and the variety of stitches I am getting exposed to with this project.

This part proved quite challenging for me and reminded me of the importance of counting after every repeat or be prepared to frog again … and again 🙁 I am proud to say that my stitch count is now spot on and ready for the beginning of part 6.  I am also starting to think about what colour I will do the tulips, whether I go for the pink again or mix it up and do a different colour.

With two weeks until I return for work I am hoping to get a good amount more crocheting done.  I will have to be strong and share my time equally amongst all my ongoing projects.

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