06 Sep

House Build Progress

The house build is coming along in leaps and bounds.! This week we have the painters and tilers on-site. It’s great seeing the start of the colour scheme come together.  We’re hopeful the kitchen guys will begin installation next week once the painters have finished.

I had Ben and his Dad over today to finish off the pad for the water tank. Tomorrow the crusher dust will be delivered and following that the sand will be piled in the middle ready for delivery of the tank.

I took the opportunity to speak to Ben about the overflow arrangements.  I’d submitted a terribly complex and detailed drawing of the absorption solution to Council prior to approval of the DA, however after talking to Ben it seems I can just run a pipe directly out, under the fence to the existing storm water catchment by the driveway.  That will save me a considerable amount of time and money.

The tiling is coming together really well.  Very excited about the ensuite – something a little bit different to the usual set of feature tiles getting used these days.  We’ve gone for a rectified edge for the wall tiles and full floor to ceiling to add a little bit of pizazz.

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