28 Jan

Router Table : Part 2

So I have decided to add in a piece of 6mm masonite between the aluminium plate and the table ledge to avoid wear on the particle board. Using my original MDF template and pattern bit I removed a further 6mm from the insert and used a copying ring to make a ‘frame’ out of 6mm masonite that will sit on the little shelf and protect the particle board. 

I had some left over white water-based exterior paint from when I painted the bee hive, so I’ve used that to put a couple of coats on the cut edges and the masonite to protect from any moisture/swelling. I used just a basic PVA glue to attach the masonite and after a quick test fit it’s nice and snug.  The plate looks to be a good fit!

Not really much of an update, but hopefully the next one will see some more significant progress!

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