05 Dec

I think it’s contagious… The beginning of the Virus Shawl

Shortly after my first crochet session a few months ago I stumbled across the Virus Shawl.  The one I saw was done in beautiful yarn with a gradient that flowed through the entire skein… it was breathtaking!

I travelled all over Canberra looking for this amazing yarn with no joy.  I bought some beautiful 4ply Misti Alpaca hand dyed yarn and this was going to be the most beautiful, softest Virus Shawl ever …. it wasn’t to be!  Probably due more to my skill than anything else I really struggled to do this yarn justice – I think it was just not the right garment for this yarn type.  I returned the Shawl to the back burner for another few weeks.

In the interim I started on Sophie and my Tekubi (post on her to come).  Sophie was addictive! She robbed me of a full nights sleep for a couple of weeks – I was hooked… pun intended 😀

I finally buckled and ordered some Wolltraum.  I chose four colours, Be My Baby, Sound of Silence, Eloise and Lavender.  Service was lightning fast – delivered direct from Sweden in 6 days! 

I’m going to be doing this Virus Shawl in Be My Baby.  A beautiful soft pink that gradually changes to a deep regal purple.  The yarn is not twisted like a usual yarn which makes it a little more challenging to crochet with but not too difficult.  

I have chosen to use my Addi Swing 4.0mm – it’s looking lovely. You could go to a 4.5mm or so and it would still work well.  In my opinion you want to crochet this pattern with a bit of looseness about it to really show the design.

It’s only a few months until the Canberra Show.  I am determined to enter something in the beginner section – just have to make a decision on what that is going to be.  It was originally going to be my Sophie, but not I’m not so sure.  Either way if I don’t make a decision on which it will be soon I will have nothing finished and ready for entry!!

Anyway, without any more delay, here’s my progress so far.

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