08 Dec

New Additions to the Family… Ducklings and a Goose!

It’s day three and all four ducklings are doing well and appear strong. We’re all delighted to have been blessed with a 50% success rate with the crests. We’ve currently got them set up in a plastic storage crate with a 60W ceramic heat lamp suspended thru a cut-out in the lid. This seems to be maintaining a good temperature of around 30-35 degrees which they seem happy with. Probably won’t be long until we’ll need to look into a more spacious abode for them.

The other recent addition is Lucy-Goosey… not 100% certain that she is female, but as soon as we know we’ll be able to get her a companion… the thought of two males is a bit much for Steve and Jacob to imagine!!! She’s a friendly little thing and a real character.

I suspect she may be female as the ducks took objection to her presence in their enclosure where as Aub didn’t seem to mind. We’ve moved her into another enclosure until she’s a bit bigger and able to defend herself against the ducks. Probably won’t be long and she’ll be taking on Lily also! She’s doing a great job of ‘mowing’ the grass in her enclosure. The space is approximately 2 x 5 metres and have been moving it each week to ensure the grass doesn’t get too short. She definitely seems to prefer the broader bladed grasses. She loved her first swim and I think she was quite chuffed to have the whole pool to herself while the ducks watched on.

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